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Fabulous 50's Accessories

What would a fifties kitchen be without those special items that complete the theme.   These accessories are chosen for their detail and commitment to maintaining the original design. 


What 50's kitchen didn't have a "flip-front" breadbox.   These eye-pleasing counter decorations are sure to elicit fond memories for your visitors.

Product #: 216204 (Stainless)..$59.00
Product #: 210201 (White)........$39.00
Product #: 210201-65 (Green)..$39.00
Product#: 210201-95 (Black)....$39.00
Product#: 210201-30 (Red).......$39.00
Product#: 210201-53 (Blue).....$39.00

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The world famous "Bullet Can".  This trashcan was found everywhere during the 50's, homes offices, outdoor venues.  Now have this timeless design in your home.

Product #: 1530-95 12 Gallon Chrome...$269.00
Product #: 1536-75 15 Gallon Chrome...$319.00

This gorgeous "50's diner style" wall mounted jukebox can be mounted on a wall or can stand on its own.  Complete with an AM/FM - Cassette radio, this unit sounds as good as it looks.

12"w x 13"h x 5 1/4"d

Product #: CR10.....$89.00

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Serve your guests from this stainless steel serving cart.  Complete with 2 locking wheels a stainless steel handle and wood top, this unit offers practical elegance for your 50's kitchen.

14" x 24" x 36"

Product #: 99-05PW.....$179.00

50's style payphone actually accepts coins and looks like the real thing.   Brighten up your kitchen or family room with this classic wall mounted working telephone.  The phone can be wall mounted or stand on its own base and is made with heavy duty ABS plastic for durability.  Full feature coin bank with lock and key, ringer control and tone / pulse switchable.

Product #: CR56....$99.00

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A handcrafted wood and veneer scale replica of a vintage 1947 jukebox.  This AM / FM radio and cassette player is equipped with a full dynamic range speaker and will brighten any room.

Product #: CR11....$89.00

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Found on nearly every soda fountain in America during the 50's.   This classic straw dispenser is a delightful accessory for kitchen counters and casual dining tables.

Product #: 8791....$24.95


Found alongside the straw dispenser was the ubiquitous Coke napkin dispenser

Product#: 8795....$24.95

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If you need larger napkins, the taller napkin dispenser may suit your needs better.

Product #: 8797....$24.95

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